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AP Connection FAQ

AP Connection FAQ

1. The camera hotspot cannot be found

① Check whether the camera is in AP mode, you can reset it and check again.

② Check whether the camera is in a low battery state. If the device cannot start normally in a low battery state, there will be no WiFi hotspot. You can connect the power supply and try again.

③When the device is low on power, do not repeatedly operate the camera to restart, reset, etc., as this may hang up the machine program, causing the machine to be abnormal and unable to generate hotspot.

2. After the AP is connected, the device is not loaded in the App or the device cannot be displayed

①The mobile phone intercepts the hotspot problem, please check and turn off the switch of the mobile phone's WiFi assistant, if it is prompted by a pop-up box, please select "Keep connected".

②Try to turn off the mobile network of the Android phone, and then open the APP

③Delete the hotspot of the camera in the WLAN settings of the mobile phone, and then try to reconnect.

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