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Alarm Notification FAQ

Alarm Notification FAQ

1. Someone passed by but did not trigger alarm recording and alarm push

① Please check whether the pedestrian is within the detection range of the camera. The detection distance of the low-power mini camera is about 4 meters, and that of the battery model is about 7 meters;

② Please check whether there is glass in front of the device, if there is glass, the trigger cannot be detected;

2. The mobile phone cannot receive any alarm push message

① Please check whether the notification permission of the mobile app is turned on;

②Please check whether the detection switch of the device and the mobile phone message push switch are turned on;

③ Check whether the device is "restricted by push", if it is restricted, you need to click to remove the restriction before continuing to push;

④If the App account is logged in on different devices, it is necessary to log out of the account and log in again;

3. The mobile phone does not receive the alarm push message in time

① The quality of the network environment is not good, resulting in a delay in push;

4. There is no human body movement, but a false alarm push is received

① Some special light environments may cause false alarms from the camera. You can try to adjust the camera position and lower the detection sensitivity. Devices with humanoid detection function can enable humanoid detection to filter false positives;

②Long power supply equipment is a motion detection mechanism rather than PIR human body detection, so movements such as wind and grass, light changes, etc. will trigger alarms;
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