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Firmware Upgrade Operation Process

Warning: Please make sure that the camera has sufficient power before upgrading or upgrade when connected to USB charging state, otherwise the power interruption in the upgrade process may cause irreversible damage to the camera! The firmware only suit for icookycam app device.


Upgrade steps:

  1. Copy the updated firmware “usr.sqsh4” to the TF card root directory;
  2. When the camera is turned off, insert the TF card with the firmware “usr.sqsh4” into the camera and then start the machine;
  3. The upgrade starts automatically after the camera starts up. Please wait patiently until the camera shuts down automatically to indicate the completion of the upgrade (when connected to USB charging state, wait until the blue light or red light flashes slowly).

Do not operate the camera or shut down the camera manually during the upgrade process!


The operation process is as follows:



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