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Cloud Storage Playback FAQ

Cloud Storage Playback FAQ

1. The playback prompts that the upload of the video file failed

① The camera network is abnormal or unstable, resulting in the file not being successfully uploaded to the server;

②The communication between the camera and the server is abnormal, you can reset and try to add the device again;

2. Some playback videos are lost

① When uploading a video file, the device is abnormally disconnected from the network, resulting in the file not being uploaded;

②Continuous and frequent triggering of alarm upload by the device leads to server congestion, and individual files may be lost;

3. Playback video freezes

① Cloud storage playback is to download and playback cloud video from the server through the network, so if the quality of the mobile phone network is poor, the playback will freeze;

4. Playback video length problem

①The length of the recording file is determined by the recording duration set by the camera, and the default is 10s;

② There is a pre-recording mechanism for camera recording, so there may be a difference of 1-3 seconds between the actual length of the video file and the set recording time, which is normal;
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