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iCookyCam FAQ instruction manual V1.1

1 App download 1.1 Installation failed or backlogged Scan and download to install again or change another phone to try.(if the phone can not install,please tell us your mobile phone model and system version number, maybe there is a compatibility problem to slove)
1.2 APP download way Scan the QR code to download in instruction and packing box(Do not support wechat scan;support to download on google play,App store on abroad; support to download on Tencent application treasure, 360 PC mobile assistant and App store.
1.3 the different ID codes with the corresponding APP


2 AP connection 2.1 can`t find the hotspot about the camera Insert the SD card and observe if the indicator light appear blue indicator flash, To assure that camera work on usual and on AP connection; To assure if the ID lose, if the ID lose, the Hotspot is iCookyCam, and you need refresh the ID
2.2 point out "can`t find the wifi device" Check the connection of mobile phone and hotspot is on regular; check if the mobile phone open the wifi assistant construction, opened need to close; open the camera to test again; change another mobile phone to test; refresh the program
2.3 Point out "connection timeout" check if the mobile phone open the wifi assistant construction, opened need to close; open the camera to test again; change another mobile phone to test; refresh the program


3 IP connection 3.1 unable to connect wifi camera need to close to the router when connect; there is no special symbol; to assure that the wifi password is correct; open the camera and router again; don't support 5G signal and WEP encryption;(refresh wifi information)
3.2 the device fall back to AP connection frequently Check if the camera is too far from the router and the signal is too weak; check the router signal is normal; check Whether the power is turned off for a long time that cause camera and router open again
3.3 point out" connection timeout" open the camera to test gain; refresh program;(refresh wifi information)
3.4 Remote viewing, no picture, slow picture, stuck If the network is not good, please check the network signal of the router connected to the mobile phone and camera; Check whether the camera and the router are too far away, through the wall, interference with surrounding signals, etc., resulting in weak and unstable signals.
3.5 Cannot find the router you need when connecting to WiFi If the camera is affected by the surrounding signal interference, the router may not be searched. It is normal. You can open the camera again or manually input the WiFi name and password to try to connect.


4 night vision 4.1 Night vision can't see clearly Please assure whether the infrared light is on and the night vision distance is within the normal range of the camera. If the infrared light is not reachable, the effect will be unsatisfactory.
4.2 Night vision effect exposure Please check if there are obstructions or objects with strong reflections in the front of the lens, which will cause the reflection of infrared light to cause exposure;
4.3 no night vision construction Please check if the camera's infrared light is on, some models are automatically turned on, some are required to be turned on manually; if it is determined that infrared is turned on and there is no night vision, the infrared light may be broken;
4.4 Night vision turns off automatically For devices that need to turn on night vision manually, the program is set to turn off night vision automatically after 1 hour; for automatic night vision models, please check whether the ambient light is bright, causing the light to be automatically turned off;
4.5 night vision keeps turning on and off on automatic night vision machine For environmental light effects, please check there is no light to influence the judgment of light behind the camera


5 record construction 5.1 I can't recognize the TF card, it always has red and blue lights. Please check whether the TF card insertion direction is normal; whether the TF card insertion is stable; ensure that the TF card is normal, you can format and try it; change a good quality TF card to test;
5.2 the camera don`t record Check whether the camera recognizes the TF card and works in the recording state (blue or red light flashes slowly); please check whether the TF card quality is normal; format the TF card to test; change a good quality TF card to test;
5.3 There is no video in the APP, but there is a video file in the  SD card. using real-time viewing screen to see if the timestamp display time is normal, if it is not normal, please synchronize time and try again; video file is 10 minutes, it takes time to pack, please record for about half an hour;
5.4 There is a missing video Generally caused by the TF card problem, you can change the card to test with good quality; assure whether the time period of the missing video is out of power;
5.5 Cannot record after exiting APP There are two kinds of videos: TF card recording and APP recording. The regular 24-hour recording is automatically saved to the TF card. The TF card needs to be inserted. The APP recording is manually saved to the mobile phone. The two functions are independent functions.
5.6 the difference between full-time recording and motion detection video file Full-time recording is a file for 10 minutes, and motion detection recording is a file for 3 minutes;


7 Video quality 7.1 picture quality is not good The default picture quality is 720p, you can switch to 1080p
7.2 indoor picture colors are fading because of lights, wall and large area influence,you can test it at outdoor
7.3 partial colors are fading The camera uses a 850mm filter, which must pass both visible light and infrared light, so it will appear purple that is normal
7.4 recoding file is 720p In the case of adequate protection effect, we advise you to use TF card to save much longer video records and playback can be very smooth, he video file is designed to be 720P compressed


8 Sound surveillance 8.1 no sound please check if turn on monitor button;set the phone volume to the max;check if sound comes away from the camera and low voice;if everything goes fine, it could be mic problem
8.2 sound noise please make sure that environment you are using camera are without noise such as wind blowing;there is no any vibration on the contact surface of camera;no any electric current interference,you can try to test it without power supply;if the inspection is fine, the problem could be structural of mic
8.3 sounds delay Due to the influence of the network environment, please check network environment is good, also the camera must connect to the network, you must make sure that next work is stable and steadily


9 Account & Password 9.1 when connecting the camera hotspot after notify the password error The default login password for camera hotspot "12345678";
9.2 when login "device password" after notify the password error The default login password of the camera is “ok123456”. You can restore the default password and try it again. please check whether the password has been modified. If you forget you had modified your password, you can restore the default password and try it again
9.3 How to Restore default password When the camera is connected to the USB power supply, click the OK button to put the camera in the standby state (the indicator light is always on in the card state), then press and hold button for 5 seconds, the camera will automatically restart and restore the default password;


10 battery time 10.1 the camera turns off automatically It might run out of battery,please charge it for a while and test it again
10.2 The camera will be turned off after a while. It might run out of battery,please charge it for a while and test it again;different models has different battery capacity,the working time is not the same,it's like a cellphone battery, it will not be durable after long time use
10.3 USB charging can turn on the camera,unplugged the power supply can't turn on the camera It might run out of battery,please charge it for a while and test it again;If it remains the same,the problem could be that power cable is damaged or battery goes wrong;
10.4 Working can't is not accurate, don't match with our publicity The battery life is experimental test data. The camera works in the daytime without recording. If it works at night while recording on card, the power consumption will increase accordingly, The working time will be short.


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Andrée Matte - July 30, 2019

Hi i need help my my cam do not work the wifi say mistakes of identification???? wat do i do please help… 514 525-4718

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