Firmware upgrade operation process

Warning: Please make sure that the camera has sufficient power before upgrading or upgrade when connected to USB charging state, otherwise the power interruption in the upgrade process may cause irreversible damage to the camera! The firmware only suit for icookycam app device.   Upgrade steps: Copy the updated firmware “usr.sqsh4” to the TF card […]

iCookyCam FAQ instruction manual V1.1

1 App download 1.1 Installation failed or backlogged Scan and download to install again or change another phone to try.(if the phone can not install,please tell us your mobile phone model and system version number, maybe there is a compatibility problem to slove) 1.2 APP download way Scan the QR code to download in instruction […]

CAMSOY iCookyCam (New APP) User Manual EN

User Manual iCookyCam   C1+ C2 C3 C6 C8 C9

The QR Code and ID Style corresponding to APP

CAMSOY CookyCam Download Website

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CAMSOY CookyCam User Manual EN